I am a hands on digital advertising agency leader specializing in digital marketing strategic, tactical implementation, and the business management and leadership of a digital marketing agency.

I’m interested in any opportunity where I can help small companies and brands with their business challenges using digital marketing strategies and tactics. For more information on how I work with different small business, brands, and agencies please get in touch using the form below.

From my favorite company bio…

“Some folks like to talk a while before they start doing this or that. While they’re chatting, Kate’s getting sh*t done. Listen, folks who are both strategic thinkers and actual doers are as rare as unicorns. Kate’s one. Her leadership is based on real hands-on experience, not curated blog posts. She does not like to drop balls, or have a high tolerance for those who run five when they can go six. That’s why at crunch-time for a big media project, she’s as deep in the execution and planning as anyone.

When she’s not getting sh*t done at work, she’s either at the Y or running Warner Park. She’s the blonde mane that just flew by. Catch up.”

Still interested?

Get in touch below or give me a call at 615-830-2287.